Since now you can get any of Neocities website by HTTP! Read below.

Everything is fine with Neocities.org, but there are several things why I am not satisfied with this enough:

So I developed the front-end to the *.NeoCities.org websites made possible to get any of those by HTTP protocol and now it is possible to get any of them just typing WEBSITE.oldcities.org

Read more at OldCities.org

Please, note, when you getting your website through websitename.OLDcities.org, modern browsers will not show you the resources of the page, because they are trying to get it through HTTPS instead of HTTP, but HTTPS on the domain websitename.OLDcities.org is not available and not necessary at all. Old browsers work fine with this, just require old HTML/CSS(/JS) versions to show them correct.

Thank you!

Example website:

http://lolwut.oldcities.org (original: https://lolwut.neocities.org)

Write me if you want to put here the link to your Web v1.0 site: makb1989@gmail.com

Follow me @NEOCITIES if you interested in retroweb!

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